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Hey Folks! Look here!

This is a simple walkthrough of the main features that you can use within StepShot Guides product.


BTW this is a step without an image. You can add a new one from the context menu in the steps panel.


To add an image here – use a large green button.



↑ Headings serve as subtitles in your guide

Use them to structure the guide into the simpler blocks of knowledge.


Hoover between two steps – and you will see a pop-up menu that would allow you to add a new heading to any place in the steps list.


Duplicate, rename, drag the heading hoovering over it.

This is an eample of actual step

You can see a screenshot here – with annotations.


Annotations can be added from the menu on top of the image.


Add some blur, sequence numbers.


BTW, if you want to add formatting to step title or description – just select a piece of text and do that! You can even add links!

Capturing Steps


Capture the steps on mouse clicks

This is the most valuable feature in StepShot Guides.


Click the top left button and go through the workflow you want to document in another application.


StepShot will do everything in the background.


Adding single screenshots is also easy-breezy, along with importing the additional images from the desktop.

Process capture

You always see the „STOP“ button window during process capture. It allows you to control the process:


1. Pause capturing.


If you need to switch the context without exiting the capturing process – just pause that.


2. Track the progress. 


Observe how screenshot preview and the number of tracked clicks is constantly changing – in order not to lose important data.


3. Change the title and description of the step on the fly. 


Hover over to see the automatically generated description. If you don’t like it – change it at once.


4. Switch between screen capturing modes.


Change the button region you are capturing without exiting the process. You can select a custom region, active window or full screen.


Exporting & Publishing


Accessing through the toolbar

Export & Publish functionality can be accessed from the top menu of the application or on the File tab.


StepShot Guides allows exporting to PDF documents (Portrait, Landscape, Presentations, Mini-Books) and to WordPress posts.

Exporting to PDF

There is a set of built-in PDF templates.


Just pick up the template you like, upload a logo (in the Settings panel) and you are ready to publish!


Information from „Document Info“ tab will be used on the title screen of the exported document.

Publishing to WordPress

StepShot is a great time saver when it comes to publishing screenshot-intensive software reviews or operational configuration procedures.


When asked, specify username/password for your WordPress site and the site URL.


StepShot uses XML-RPC protocol to publish data to WP instances. It is enabled by default on cloud and hosted WordPress instances.


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